Curriculum Vitae
Nathan L. Brock, Ph.D.

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                                     Graduate:              University of California, San Diego (La Jolla, CA)
                                                                     Master of Arts in Music Composition, 2002
                                                                     Ph.D. in Music Composition, 2007
                                                                                Roger Reynolds, dissertation advisor

                                     Undergraduate:    University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)
                                                                     Graduated Magna Cum Laude, 2000
                                                                     Bachelor of Music, Composition
                                                                     Bachelor of Arts, Literature and Mathematics

      Teaching and Research Experience
                                   Instructor, School of Music, San Diego State University, 2011-present

                                   Adjunct Faculty, Music Department, University of San Diego, 2007-present
Associate Development Engineer (Post-Doctoral position), California Institute for Telecommunications and Information
                                                      Technology (CalIT2), 2008-present
                                   Research Associate, Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, San Diego, 2007-present
                                   Private Instruction in Composition and Audio Engineering, 2005-present
                                   Adjunct Faculty, Music Department, California State University, Fullerton, 2007
                                   Research Assistant, Studio Recording, Music Department, UCSD, 2004-2007
                                   Instructor, Music Department, University of California, San Diego, 2006
                                   Teaching Assistant, Music Department, UCSD, 2001-2002, 2003-2007
                                   Research Assistant, Recording and Dubbing, Music Department, UCSD, 2003-2004
                                   Teaching Assistant, Eleanor Roosevelt College Writing Program, UCSD, 2002-2003

     As Instructor of Record:   
                                  Spring 2011 Music 207/507 - Composition Laboratory (at San Diego State University)
                                  Spring 2011 Music 420 - Digital Audio Composition (at the University of San Diego)
                                  Spring 2010 Music 420 - Digital Audio Composition (at USD)
                                  Spring 2009 Music 420 – Digital Audio Composition (at USD)

                                  Spring 2009 Music 220 – Harmony I (at USD)
                                  Fall 2008 Music 211 – Keyboard and Aural Skills II (at USD)
                                  Spring 2008 Music 220 – Harmony I (at USD)
                                  Spring 2008 Music 210 – Keyboard and Aural Skills I (at USD)
                                  Fall 2007 Music 111 – Introduction to Theory (at California State University, Fullerton)
                                  Fall 2007 Music 112 – Chromatic Harmony (at Cal State Fullerton)
                                  Fall 2007 Music 221 – Harmony II (at USD)
                                  Spring 2007 Music 220 – Harmony I (at USD)
                                  Summer 2006 Music 113 – Music and Society in the Enlightenment* (at UCSD)
                                                            *this course designed by Brock
                                  Spring 2006 Music 4 – Introduction to Western Music (at UCSD)

     As Teaching Assistant (all at UCSD), courses including:
                                 Studio Mixing and Editing; Musical Acoustics; Digital Studio Techniques: Mixing; Ragtime; Opera; Contemporary Music; The                                          Blues; Techno Music; Digital Studio Techniques: Editing; Music, Science, and Computers; J.S. Bach; Klezmer Music;
                                 and American Music.

     As Guest Lecturer:
                                 Form and Analysis (USD), Digital Audio Composition (USD), Harmony II (USD), Introduction to Western Music (UCSD), American
                                 Music (UCSD), Digital Studio Techniques (UCSD), Studio Mixing and Editing (UCSD)
, Electronic Music (UCSD)

     Courses within ability to teach:
                                 Composition, either in group or individual lessons;
                                 Networked audio and media streaming, for creative and industrial applications;
                                 Contemporary music, its history, theory, and practice;
                                 Music theory, including traditional harmony, Schenkerian analysis, set theory, formal analysis,
                                                    and other areas of Classical and contemporary theory;
                                 Recording Studio Techniques, for future engineers or for composers and performers, including creative uses of the studio;
                                 Electronic Music, theory, technology, and composition;
                                 Western Classical music history, all periods;
                                 Interdisciplinary Arts, connecting music with other genres, especially film and literature.

     Composition Studies
                                 Roger Reynolds (Master’s and Ph.D. Committee Chair), UCSD, 2001-2007
                                 Rand Steiger, UCSD, 2001-2002
                                 Chaya Czernowin, UCSD, 2000
                                 Steve Rouse, University of Louisville, 1999-2000
                                 Marc Satterwhite, University of Louisville, 1997-1999
                                 Frederick Speck, University of Louisville, 1995-1997
                                 Alan Beeler, Eastern Kentucky University, 1993-1995

     Audio Recording and Electronic Music Studies
                                Peter Otto, UCSD, 2002-2007 (computer music, multi-channel audio, networking)
                                Tom Erbe, UCSD, 2005-2007 (audio recording, production, sound reinforcement)
                                Miller Puckette, UCSD, 2000-2003 (computer music)

     Research Projects
                                Networked post-production audio environments, 2007-present
                                                 funded with support from Skywalker Sound/ILM, Axia, NTT, Disney, CalIT2
                                Audio for Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environments (SAGE), 2010-present
                                                 funded with support from CalIT2, Disney, the Electronic Visualization Lab at UI Chicago
                                Audio metadata development and deployment for high-quality emerging media, 2010-present
                                                 funded with support from CineGrid Exchange
                                Conductor motion tracking, 2009-present (in conjunction with McGill University, Montreal, Quebec)
                                                funded with support from CRCA, McGill University, the World Opera Project
                                Improved audio quality for telematic performances, 2008-present
                                                 funded with support from CRCA; Department of Music, UCSD
                                New recording techniques to capture environmentally-specific musics, 2007-present (currently on hiatus)
                                                 funded with support from CRCA

     Other Work Experience
                                Audio Engineer (self-employed), 2006-present
                                Score Reader, San Diego Symphony Orchestra, 2001-present   
                                Intern, Library of Congress Music Division, 2004
                                Pianist/Accompanist, Faith United Methodist Church, San Diego, 2000-2004
                                Composer Liaison, SummerFest La Jolla, 2001
                                Research Assistant, Concert Production, Music Department, UCSD, 2000-2001

     Experience as a Recording Engineer
                               Four years experience as the graduate student recording engineer in the professional-quality studio at UCSD,
                                                    under senior engineers Josef Kucera, Tom Erbe, and Peter Otto.

                               Completed several dozen recording projects, from recording through editing and mixing, in many genres, from solo pieces through
                                                   large chamber ensembles, including traditional classical, improvised musics, avant-garde, popular, and jazz styles.

                               Familiar with the ProTools, Sonic Solutions, and Pyramix environments, and with both digital and analog studios.
                               Taught studio techniques as a teaching assistant and as a visiting instructor and digital audio composition as an instructor of record.
                               Recording examples are available upon request.

                               D. Dansereau, N. Brock, J. Cooperstock. “A Particle Filter for Predicting an Orchestral Conductor’s Baton Movements.” IEEE
                                                   Multimedia. Under review.* 
                               N. Brock, M. Daniels, S. Morris, P. Otto. “A collaborative computing model for media post-production.” Future Generation Computer
                                                   Systems. Accepted for publication; will appear Spring 2011.* 
                               N. Brock, M. Daniels, S. Morris, P. Otto. “Audio-Video Synchronization over Managed Wide-Area Networks for Post-Production.” 
                                                   128th AES Convention, London, Paper 8040, May 2010.*
                               N. Brock, M. Daniels, S. Morris, P. Otto. “Long-Distance Uncompressed Audio Transmission over IP for Post-Production,” 127th AES
                                                   Convention, New York, Paper 7945, Oct. 2009.*
                               N. Brock. “Audio Networking Emphasized at the Munich Audio Engineering Society Convention.”, 4 June
                               N. Brock. “Opportunities and Challenges at the World Opera.”, 3 June 2009.
                               N. Brock. Two Scenes from Beowulf and Selections from the Tesserae/Tesseract Cycle. Dissertation. 2007.
                                                     *=peer reviewed

     Invited Speaker Engagements
                              “Streaming Media for Distributed Performance.” (Panel moderator) CineGrid International Workshop. 15 December 2010.
                              “Audio Flows for Post-Production Collaboration.” CineGrid International Workshop. 13 December 2010
                              “Applications for High-Quality Audio over Long-Distance Networks.” (Workshop chair and panelist) 129th AES Convention,
                                                   San Francisco, CA, 5 November 2010.
                             “Use Cases for Streaming High-Quality Media over Wide-Area Networks.” Southampton University, Southampton, Hampshire, UK, 21
                                                   May 2010. 
                             “Distributed Performance and Musical Collaboration.” CineGrid International Workshop, 7 December 2009.

                               Conference Chair, 44th AES International Conference on Audio Networking, 2009-present
                               Manuscript Reviewer, Future Generation Computer Systems, 2010-present
                               Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 2009-present
                               Spring Festival Programming Committee, 2005-2006

                               Composition Faculty Search Committee, Graduate Student Representative, 2003-2004
                               Faculty Graduate Student Representative, 2003-2004
                               Graduate Liaison to Composition Faculty, 2002-2003
                               New Music Forum Programming Committee, 2000-2002
                               Spring Festival Programming Committee, 2000-2002

     Selected Awards and Honors
                              Guest Composer and Performer at the SoundOn 2011 Music Festival
                              Guest Composer at the SoundOn 2009 Music Festival
                              Commissioned by the Noise Ensemble, 2008

                              Meet the Composer Grant, 2008
                              Guest Composer at the SoundOn 2008 Music Festival
                              Commissioned by red fish blue fish percussion ensemble, 2008
                              Commissioned by SONOR Chamber Ensemble, 2005
                              Guest Composer at the XXVII Foro Internacional de Música Nueva “Manuel Enriquez,” 2005
                              Guest Composer at the XXVI Foro Internacional de Música Nueva “Manuel Enriquez,” 2004
                              Fellow of the 60th Annual Composers Conference at Wellesley College, 2004
                              Honorable Mention, ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer Competition, 2004
                              University of Louisville School of Music Alumni Award, 2000
                             Warren Babb Award for music theory and composition, 1999
                             Nelson Keyes Award for music composition, 1996, 1998

     Professional Society Memberships
                              Audio Engineering Society (AES) Member since 2008
                              Member of the AES Technical Committee on Network Audio Systems since 2008
                              Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) Member since 2007